Wednesday, July 22, 2015


OK. Last week Donald Trump, a sleazy entrepeneur who underpays his workers, has been bankrupt like 9 times and is probably up to all kinds of shady deals, announced he's running for president of the USA.
And in the course of some campaign stumping Trump belittled this u.s. senator John McCain who was also called a war "hero". Then all these other candidates and talk show pseudo celebrities became righteously indignant about Trump having no respect for McCain's war hero status. 
BUT the FACTS of the matter is that mccain (non-capitalization is intentional, it's how I show contempt) was NEVER  a war hero by any stretch of common intelligence. 
john mccain was a bomber pilot in Viet Nam. He would rain bombs down on factories, schools, hospitals and places of worship. So he killed thousands of civilians. 
Then he finally got his ass shot down and was captured. But no torture was necessary since mccain, fearing torture, told his captors everything he thought was of any importance. He even went on to record 32 public radio announcments AGAINST the usa. When he finally was returned to the usa, mccain was going to be court-martialled and possibly executed and was only saved by a presidential pardon from richard m. nixon.
These facts are easily checkable, by doing a quick google search, yet no one bothered to look anything up. 
They were too busy faking their moral OUTRAGE at donald trump for insulting an american "hero". 
Wake up people. Do NOT ACCEPT the story major media force feeds  you down your throats. The INTERNET is too available. Before you believe the bullshit that ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,CNN or any of those channels air-headed news anchors read to you, check other sources. See if perhaps you're not getting the TRUTH.

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