Friday, July 24, 2015


Human breast milk. you wouldn't have sex with a cow but you drink her milk so how about drinking milk for humans made by humans?
Once again, 'murrican society has conditioned us to have a knee jerk reaction and be repulsed by that idea.
Here's an image. You come home to your husband, boyfriend, whatever, and find him mounting a cow in sexual congress. OMG! 
BUT you're all fine and dandy with drinking that which emanates from said cow's titties!
So visions of $$$ were dancing in my head as I thought about how to market my brilliant concept in the mainstream media until (cue up needle scraping across vinyl sound effect) a google search found me this:


So now my enterprise is a MOOt point....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Palestinian Human Rights, FINALLY Congress Writes A Letter to John Kerry 1 month ago. And what happened?

Rep. Betty McCollum (Photo: Aaron Lavinsky, Dml - Star Tribune)Rep. Betty McCollum, wrote a letter, got it signed by 19 other house reps and sent it off to Secretary of State, John Kerry, one month ago. Nary a peep has been mentioned about what Kerry did when he received it.
In the letter, Ms. McCollum stated:

"Israel’s military detention of Palestinian children is an indefensible abuse of human rights. I hope this letter results in State Department pressure on the Government of Israel to end this systemic abuse immediately.  Palestinian children should be treated exactly the same as Israeli or American children, without the fear that one day soldiers will arrest them, beat them, and lock them away in prison.” 
So what's happened since? What swift action did John Kerry take in response to israel's human rights violations?
Were sanctions on israel imposed? Nope. I will wager this: not a damn thing was done. 
usa is run by people who kowtow to zionist contributors. 
I applaud Betty McCollum and the 19 other democrats:
Blumenauer, Earl (OR-3) Beyer, Don (VA-8) Carson, André (IN-7) Conyers, John (MI-13) Davis, Danny (IL-7) DeFazio, Peter (OR-4) Ellison, Keith (MN-5) Eshoo, Anna G. (CA-18) Grijalva, Raúl M.  (AZ-3) Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX-30) Johnson, Hank (GA-4) Lee, Barbara (CA-13) McDermott, Jim (WA-7) McGovern, James P. (MA-2) Norton, Eleanor Holmes (DC) Pingree, Chellie  (ME-1) Rush, Bobby (IL-1) Waters, Maxine (CA-43) 

 who signed the letter for their bravery in addressing the issue at all. That was the right thing to do. 
But I am DISGUSTED by our nation's indifference to the plight of the Palestinian people. They are being oppressed by israel. 
USA should be ASHAMED of itself for its lack of human aid to the people of GAZA. They're living in rubble of bombed out homes, hospitals, schools. They have limited access to essentials like WATER.

I started a collection to send them money on and so far have received exactly $0. 
Which is the same amount of 
humanitarian aid the united states have sent.

This is truly one of history's lowest points for humanity.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

israel the most evil zioNAZI state in the whole world sponsored by world's NUMBER 1 TERRORIST, U.S.A.!

YEAH I said it. My own country shames me by supporting zioNAZI israel. And it drives me crazy that while American citizens are suffering from the poorest services paid for by their taxes, that our government "leaders" see fit to give $10 MILLION USD every DAY to israel. 
What does israel do with our tax money? Oppress/kill Palestinian people. Human beings. Oh and just today I see that their prime minister benyamin (bibi) netanyahu has been spending the money on his own personal life of luxury: But will you see any of this on usa tv news? NO way.

 The zioNAZIs infest our media, government, water supply, everything! 
So keep going to work at your piddling job while 40-60% of your earnings are withheld by the us govt to give to israel. Oh and to strengthen usa defense budget. Since we can never have too many missiles, tanks,guns, poisons, drones whatever else killing machines are being developed.
I am disgusted by what this nation, my country has become


OK. Last week Donald Trump, a sleazy entrepeneur who underpays his workers, has been bankrupt like 9 times and is probably up to all kinds of shady deals, announced he's running for president of the USA.
And in the course of some campaign stumping Trump belittled this u.s. senator John McCain who was also called a war "hero". Then all these other candidates and talk show pseudo celebrities became righteously indignant about Trump having no respect for McCain's war hero status. 
BUT the FACTS of the matter is that mccain (non-capitalization is intentional, it's how I show contempt) was NEVER  a war hero by any stretch of common intelligence. 
john mccain was a bomber pilot in Viet Nam. He would rain bombs down on factories, schools, hospitals and places of worship. So he killed thousands of civilians. 
Then he finally got his ass shot down and was captured. But no torture was necessary since mccain, fearing torture, told his captors everything he thought was of any importance. He even went on to record 32 public radio announcments AGAINST the usa. When he finally was returned to the usa, mccain was going to be court-martialled and possibly executed and was only saved by a presidential pardon from richard m. nixon.
These facts are easily checkable, by doing a quick google search, yet no one bothered to look anything up. 
They were too busy faking their moral OUTRAGE at donald trump for insulting an american "hero". 
Wake up people. Do NOT ACCEPT the story major media force feeds  you down your throats. The INTERNET is too available. Before you believe the bullshit that ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,CNN or any of those channels air-headed news anchors read to you, check other sources. See if perhaps you're not getting the TRUTH.


Is to point out how crazy it drives me when 99% of the people of the United States of America accept what the major media outlets LIE to them about and they buy that shit.
Passive acceptance is what will lead us like lambs to the slaughter.
It's already happening on a daily basis
People are just too busy looking for ways to be entertained without having to question anything.
Politicians are profiting and living the high life because they peddle their influence to corporations and the privileged elite.
It's the GOLDEN RULE. Them's that has the gold makes the rules.
I'm not really saying anything new but I'm sick of it. It makes my blood boil.
And I saw a documentary about how israel is fucking over the Palestinian people and this one Palestinian said:


So, yes I'm aware that some day I'll be dead, along with the billions who have come before me and will come after me but while I'm here I will write about it. I will make this attempt, be it ever so small, to change the way things are. I will try to do that by making people question authority.
It is absolutely essential that most of you open your eyes to reality. And realize that you are being lied to every waking minute of your lives. By the major media, tv, newspapers, radio, blogs.
By government officials, people with power over your survival.
And if you do not question things, you are doomed.
If you do not see through the bullshit, you will be buried in it and suffocate eventually.