Friday, December 23, 2016


 It’s reassuring to know
That I’m free to roam
In this land that’s my home
With no fear of foreign invasion
An impenetrable nation
We’re protected by Bombs.

Yes the sun shines brightly on you and me
And we’re all free to do as we please
In our pursuit of happiness
In this land that god does bless
We’re protected by bombs

We’re protected by bombs
We’re a nation of arms
No one can do us harm
We’re protected by bombs
And the bombs our lives will defend
Until the bitter and explosive end

2nd Verse:
Then I read about Dresden Germany
And Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki
Suddenly the thought occurred to me
Bombs are a frightening reality

And I wondered what would happen to us all
If some opposing nation pushed our backs against the wall
I dont want to be killed in a fireball
Would that be the day the bombs would fall
And annihilate us all?

Sing out strong and sing out loud
I don’t want to be killed in a mushroom cloud
I don’t want to be killed in a fireball

I don’t want to be killed at all

(this is an original song I wrote in 1981) it's copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

The usa president elect, donald trump, feels we have a need to produce MORE nuke missiles. WHY? There are already enough to rip this planet earth we live in to shreds. More nukes is NOT the answer. NO NUKES is the ideal.